Welcome to the Sunlight of the Mind shop! 

This is where you can purchase a variety of craft items that I have handmade myself. Any questions not answered in this section can be sent to my email (visit the contact page).

How the shop works:

  • New items are added as they become available. There is no posting schedule. 
  • Each item is first come, first served. Items will be removed once sold.
  • There are no extra quantities of an item, unless otherwise specified.
  • To purchase, send me a message through email with the description of the item you would like to buy. I will then send you a link to my PayPal payment page. If a payment is not received in 24 hours, the item will be available for another buyer.
  • There are NO additional taxesor shipping costs.The cost of the item covers all charges.
  • I gladly take commissions and requests! If there is anything you would like me to make or design for you, feel free to contact me so we can talk more about it! 🙂

Happy shopping!

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