Receiving the Liebster Blog Award! + I Answer Some Questions

I have some fun news to share! I was recently nominated for the Liebster Blog Award! My blog was chosen by the lovely Kristie from On Mumdays I. Check out her blog! ✨ Don't know what the Liebster award is? I'll tell you all about it. 😉 The Liebster award is a chain internet reward [...]


Why Cruelty-Free Products Aren’t Always Cruelty-Free

Are you noticing the cruelty-free craze too? It appears to be a consistently growing 'trend'. I'll be honest, it should never ever ever be considered trendy to respect animals and not use them in consumer products. That is something that should be an ethical/moral standpoint from the very start. So many of you are being opened [...]

How I Ate During the Holidays + Meatless Roast Review

How I Ate During the Holidays + Meatless Roast Review

I absolutely loved Thanksgiving this year. Christmas was a great day as well. What do both of those days have in common for me? It was my FIRST time eating a vegan meal for both! That's right, no turkey, ham, buttery mashed potatoes, or anything that contained animal products. Today's post will elaborate on what [...]