My Goals For 2018

Hi friends! I definitely should have shared my goals for the new year closer to the beginning of this month, but I was so busy trying to start working on a few of them! Now that I've made some progress, I think it's about time to share my full list of goals/resolutions.   1. Working [...]


Let’s Talk About Facial Oils

Today I want to talk a little bit more about face oils and why you should start using them in your skincare routine! I know a lot of you may be instantly thinking "why on earth do I want to learn more about putting oil on my face?! Are you insane?" No, I'm not insane, [...]

Why Cruelty-Free Products Aren’t Always Cruelty-Free

Are you noticing the cruelty-free craze too? It appears to be a consistently growing 'trend'. I'll be honest, it should never ever ever be considered trendy to respect animals and not use them in consumer products. That is something that should be an ethical/moral standpoint from the very start. So many of you are being opened [...]