My Goals For 2018

Hi friends!

I definitely should have shared my goals for the new year closer to the beginning of this month, but I was so busy trying to start working on a few of them!

Now that I’ve made some progress, I think it’s about time to share my full list of goals/resolutions.


1. Working towards minimalism

I’ve become much more mindful of the excess belongings and clutter in my life this past year. Since then I’ve made great strides in the removal of unnecessary possessions. There are various material things that don’t serve a valuable purpose in my life and I can live much more simply without them!

2. Taking care of my skin/body/mind

I want to become much more dedicated to self care. This could be to de-stress by taking more time to pamper myself with a nice face mask, exercise more, eat better wholesome meals, or just to sit and breathe.

3. Keep our home clean + organized

My boyfriend and I live in a pretty small apartment at the moment, and it always seems to stay perpetually dirty. This year I plan on maximizing the space we have and keeping it in clean condition as much as possible. This ties in with my first goal of moving towards a minimal lifestyle!👆

4. Stop worrying about what others think about me

I have the annoying mindset that people dislike me or have something against me all the time. This year I want to let it go and be free of those toxic thoughts.

5. Become environmentally friendly and reduce my waste

There’s no excuse for me or anyone not to make this a priority! Going vegan was already a massive benefit in this area, but I can definitely do so much more. I’ve already begun to make a difference by recycling more, small scale composting, and bringing reusable bags with me to the grocery store. I’ve also switched out my hairbrush recently with one made of 100% bamboo, and plan to do the same with my toothbrush soon. Small steps so far, but I am hopeful for much better progress moving forward. 🙂


That’s all of my goals for this year! What are your own resolutions or goals? Have you made any significant progress on them so far? Let me know in the comments!

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