Artist Spotlight | Illustrated Greeting Cards by Mark Molchan

I’m back guys!

It was refreshing just to take time for myself. I started a painting, spent time with my friend, watched a lot of Gilmore Girls, and ate copious amounts of pizza.

Not necessarily in that order, but ya know. 😛

Just a little disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the independent brands/people mentioned. All of my opinions are always 100% my own! 🙂


I want to take some time today to talk about an artist that has a Kickstarter campaign running until Monday, October 9th to promote a wonderful set of greeting cards.

The artist is Mark Molchan. An illustrator based out of Portland, Oregon. He is influenced by comic book artists and illustrators of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s and has produced gallery work, murals, illustrations, portraits, and landscapes. That’s just a little of his background, but you can also check out his website to learn more.

His greeting cards on Kickstarter are awesome! Check out some of his designs.



These are all beautifully hand drawn with inking pens, and have a cute and whimsical feel. They would be a perfect gift for the holidays, and you can even have the same designs on a mug too!




Check out Mark’s campaign and consider showing your support by becoming a backer! There’s less than two weeks left before this amazing collection launches! 😀

Here’s a few more examples of Mark’s work that I also love:



Thanks for checking out all of the artwork! You can find Mark on Instagram @Markmolchan and on Facebook.

Until next time!


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