Review | BarePro Performance Wear Liquid Foundation

Hello lovelies!

I have a review to share with you all today. Let’s dive into it!✨

I purchased a new liquid foundation from bareMinerals to try, and it’s called BarePro Performance Wear Liquid Foundation. It is their newest foundation release since the BarePro Performance Wear Powder Foundation.

Here are the statements about the liquid foundation from the bareMinerals website. I have condensed some of the info to make it easier to read.

Texture: Creamy liquid

Coverage: Full (in some stores it is advertised as medium coverage)

Finish: Naturally matte

Shade Range: 30

We’re redefining performance wear with this new liquid mineral foundation that cares while it covers, improving the appearance of skin texture over time (In an independent clinical trial of 31 women, 100% of participants saw a 36% improvement in skin texture after the first week). The 24-hour breathable full coverage is powered by Mineral Lock™ Long-Wear Technology that blends mineral pigments with lipids naturally found in skin to lock in transfer-resistant, color-true coverage.


The foundation contains bamboo stem extract for a naturally matte, soft focus finish, while papaya enzymes gently improve skin’s texture both immediately and over time. It will not clog pores. This is a heat, humidity, water and sweat-resistant foundation that provides broad spectrum non-chemical SPF 20 sun protection, which is essential in preventing premature aging of the skin.

Here’s a look at the bottle. I picked up shade Fair 01. I love the packaging!

Let’s get down to business and check out what I thought.👇

Little disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by bareminerals. All of my reviews and opinions are always 100% my own.😘

Here’s the before and after photos after applying the foundation with a blending sponge.

Final thoughts on this method:

I LOVE the way this foundation looks when it’s applied with a sponge. It’s a significantly better finish than using a brush (read the brush application review below). It blurred my blemishes, and you can add more layers of coverage so nicely after it dries. The rest of my makeup went on fairly smoothly afterwards. The only thing that isn’t so great is how tacky the foundation gets when it is drying. Everything sticks to it and it is hard to remove particles off of my face when it happens.

Here’s the before and after photos after applying the foundation with a flat foundation brush.

Apologies for the odd looking after photos. 😕 They made my skin look crazy pink, and I’m definitely a much more yellow/pale undertone.

Final thoughts on this method:

I’m not sure why, but using a brush for this application didn’t work for me. I wasn’t feeling happy with how the finish looked afterwards. The foundation went on evenly, but I feel like it accentuated my fine lines and the texture in my face more than the sponge application did. It may be hard to tell from the photos, but I forgot to take some close ups. I’m still getting the hang of this reviewing thing. 😛 I’ll probably stick to only using a sponge for this foundation. That’s just the best way for me!

When it comes down to the other foundation claims, here’s what I thought.

Wear time: I’m easily able to get a full 8-10 hours of wear with this foundation. If I don’t set it with powder or spray it with setting spray, it holds up great on its own. It tends to start creasing in my laugh lines, chin, and upper lip at around 6-7 hours, but that honestly doesn’t bother me too much.🤷‍♀️ It will not melt off of your face like so many others do!

Comfort: It’s incredibly lightweight. I don’t feel like I’m wearing foundation.

Shade: Before this review, I had tried the second shade up from the Fair 01, and I didn’t think it was quite right. I bumped it down to the first shade and I’m certain that it’s a perfect match for my pale white self. 👌

Skin benefits: I’m always super skeptical of a foundation’s ability to improve your skin. I would have to try wearing this foundation consistently for a few weeks before I had a definitive answer on this one. If you have used this foundation for that long, let me know if you have noticed a difference in this area!

Thanks for reading this review!

Have you tried this foundation? I want to know what you think! Remember to tag me on Instagram with #Sunlightofthemind so we can talk about everything your loving from the blog!

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