Taste Test | Field Roast Mac n’ Chao

Hello again!

I have another review for you all today! This time for mac n’ cheese. Not just any mac n’ cheese, but the Field Roast Mac n’ Chao.

Field Roast is a vegan food brand that makes vegan versions of cheeses and meats. They have a frozen box meal of mac n’ cheese available in the frozen foods section of some grocery stores.

I was able to find two different kinds to try.

This one👇

And this one👇

I’ll start with what I thought about the Chili one, and move to the Creamy version after.✨

Chili Mac n’ Chao

I decided to oven bake this one because I felt like the extra ingredients (the ‘burger’ chunks) could use it. It had a very long suggested cooking time of like 35 minutes, which I was not prepared to wait for. I bumped it down to 30 minutes and it still looked ready when I took it out.

My first impression was the totally melty/creamy texture of the ‘cheese’. It definitely felt like you were eating traditional mac n’ cheese. The chili flavor was pretty good, and the ‘burger’ chunks were a perfect addition to the Mac. It really felt comforting! Altogether I’d have to say this version of the Mac was good! It isn’t my favorite, but it was definitely yummy.

Creamy Mac n’ Chao

This box I opted to make in the microwave. It’s obviously the quickest way to make it, and there’s nothing but pasta and ‘cheese’ that needs to heat up.

I followed the directions as stated on the box and I ended up with some odd looking cloudy pasta halfway through the cook time. Once I stirred everything up it seemed to look fine again.

The texture of this one was pretty much the same in terms of the melty/creamyness of the last one. I’m not sure what was up with this box, because I kept tasting something chemical like, and it really threw me off. The ‘cheese’ just didn’t seem to taste quite right.🤷‍♀️ Whatever the case may be, I didn’t like this one and I probably won’t get it again.

That’s all I have for today!

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