DIY | Mini Wall Hanging

Hey there!

If you liked my last DIY craft for a Knotted Wall Tapestry then you will LOVE this similar style wall hanging project!

The supplies you need are minimal and it’s fairly easy to put together in an hour or less.✨

Here’s what you need:

  • Fabric scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Small wooden dowel rod (approx. 4in long)
  • Piece of decorative string
  • Black acrylic paint (or any color of choice)
  • Small paintbrush
  • Scrap fabric
  • Charcoal pencil, or a fabric pencil soft enough to sketch with

Here’s a picture of all the supplies that I gathered for my wall hanging. I cut up an old skirt for my fabric, and used a navy and white striped piece of string for my hanger.

You can find wooden dowels at the craft store pretty cheap. I got a multi-pack of them at Walmart for 99 cents!

Take your scrap fabric and cut it down to your desired size. I honestly don’t have exact measurements to share, but make sure to leave a little extra space around the edges, because you will be folding them over.

Once you have your fabric cut to size, flip it over, fold over the three sides as shown with the arrows, and hot glue them down. This keeps them from fraying! Leave the top edge alone, because that will be where your dowel goes.

Now that your side and bottom edges are sealed, place the dowel on the top edge of fabric and hot glue the edge down. You should be able to have enough space to easily slide the dowel in and out of the fabric.

Now you can grab your charcoal pencil or anything that can draw on fabric well, and roughly sketch your design on the fabric.

I poked around on the internet for different ideas, and I went with a ‘kitchen’ style theme!

After sketching out your design, (make sure you know exactly what you want, because you may have to start over on another piece of fabric!) grab some black acrylic paint and carefully paint over your sketch. If you aren’t skilled with paint, use a fabric marker or paint pen instead.

All that’s left is to simply hot glue your string to the dowel and hang it up so you can admire it!

If you want to get a little more fancy, you can glue some fringe to the bottom, or add a lace border to the edges, or paint your dowel rod a different color. Get creative with it and play with some different ideas!

I hope you enjoyed this craft and try it yourself!

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