Art Projects I’m Working On

Hey there lovelies!

It's a fresh new week, and I'm a busy bee over here.🐝

Last week I took a trip to the craft store, because I felt inspired to create something. I wasn't sure what that something was, until I checked my phone for coupons and noticed that a few types of paint supplies were 40% off!

I found a small acrylic paint set, brushes, and a 90 cent bag of wooden discs. So far, I've come up with the idea of turning them into hand painted magnets. 😀

Here is the progress so far…

I'm going to reveal these again, once they are completely finished. At least now you have an idea of what they are going to look like.✨

Each disc takes an hour or more to completely paint. 🎨 I have to use a super small brush for all of the little details inside. I'm excited to see them once they are all finished!

Some other upcoming art projects…

I dug around the bedroom, and found a bunch of high quality matting board from my college days, which I think would be perfect to paint/draw on. I'm probably going to add a touch of micron pen in there too, because I LOVE mixed media art!

What do you think I should paint or draw?

I also found some old antique style rings that I just wasn't wearing, so I tore off the band and I am going to make necklaces or a bracelet out of these babies. I plan on adding these to the Shop Page when I'm done, so keep your eyes peeled!

That's all I have for today.🙂 I'll be back tomorrow with another post!

Tag your photos on Instagram with #Sunlightofthemind so I can connect with you and see what you are trying or loving from the blog!

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