How I Organized My Craft Supplies 

Who else struggles with a whole lot of messy and disorganized crap everywhere? 

I know I do.🙋

I have been keeping all of my craft and jewelry making supplies in a three drawer storage bin for quite a while, and I finally realized that I needed to get down to some serious organization business. There was no way I could continue making anything creative with such a mess. I’ll show you how bad it was!

Drawer one:

Drawer two:

Drawer three:

How embarrassing…🤦‍♀️
As you can clearly see, there was literally mangled and tangled piles in every slot. I did what needed to be done, and organized each one into a nice and clean order! I’ll show you how I did it, and hopefully give you some inspiration on how to make sense of your own craft hoard. 😉

Let’s go back to drawer one after its transformation:

  • Organization trays

I reserved the top drawer for my primary jewelry making supplies and anything related. I used an organization tray to separate all of my craft wires, necklace chains, needles and threads, and an assortment of random leftover charms and beads. 

  • Small boxes

On the right side of the tray, I stuck two small black boxes to hold my jewelry cutters, pliers, hole puncher, and some leftover feathers.

  • Plastic baggie

There was an empty space in the back corner, so I stuck some necklace hoops, back there along with a plastic bag filled with decorative glass beads.

Transformation of drawer two:

  • Plastic tray

The middle drawer became a spot for all of my wribbon, string, necklace chains, craft glue, small nails, and wall hooks. I used a neon orange plastic tray to contain all of my wribbons and chains.

  • Recycled ice cream containers

The two containers with lids are actually some plastic ice cream containers that I washed out and re-used to store any of my leftover pieces of faux leather cord, and fabric pieces. I love how useful they are!

In the remaining corner spaces I stuck the small boxes of nails and hooks, and popped my tube of glue next to the tray. This is my favorite drawer!

Transformation of drawer three:

  • Plastic storage divider 

The bottom drawer is now the area for my beads, clasps, and extra yarn scraps. I used a plastic storage divider to keep all of my beads separated by color and style, and added a few odds and ends in the empty holes that were left.

  • Pill boxes

I am so happy for these little guys! I keep any remaining beads and clasps inside them. 

  • Empty container cap

I used this extra cap I had lying around (from the ice cream containers) to stick an old necklace inside of that I am still working on. It acts as a little tray, and I can use it for random pieces that I don’t know what to do with quite yet. 🙂

In the leftover space I stuck my yarn scraps, extra wires, and hid some sticker sheets underneath everything.

And that’s all of the organized space!

What did you all think? I hope you enjoyed the organization tips! How do you keep your stuff organized? Let me know! 

As always, you can put photos on Instagram with #sunlightofthemind so I can check out what you are trying or liking from the blog!

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