A Few of My Favorite Photographs

Hi friends!

Today I wanted to share a short little post with you all. I am off work tomorrow, and I plan on using that time to capture what I usually do on a normal day. That post will be for Wednesday, but until then I’d like to show you some photos that I took when I used to be a professional photographer.

I bought a nice camera back when I was in college, and I loved it so much! Somewhere around October of 2014 or 2015, I tried to run an independent photography business, but it never reached its full potential, so I put it behind me and moved on.

The photos that I took over that brief span covered a variety of subjects. I took photos of music artists, models, families, high school seniors, young children, babies, and the great outdoors. I took my camera everywhere and used it all the time.

Let’s take a look at some of the memorable ones!


That is my darling little cousin Indiana. We call her Indy 🙂 This was taken in New Jersey on Thanksgiving day.



This is my brother Joseph. But he’s much more commonly known as Joe. This picture was taken in downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania before he graduated high school.



This was the first wedding I did entirely by myself. It was a small gathering in the spring time at a banquet center in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania. I absolutely loved meeting this sweet couple and all of their friends!




My boyfriend Josh 🙂 We went hiking shortly after we met, and I saved this picture from when we walked through a tunnel. ❤




Most of you know I make jewelry and all sorts of different handmade goodies. This is one of my hair crowns that I made. I had the lovely (and angelic) Hannah model for me. 🙂 The photo was taken in downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania.




I can’t forget this gem of my adorable cousin Issac (right) and his cousin Keir who is his equal in adorableness. GAHHH. ❤



That’s just a few of my favorite shots from my handy dandy camera back in the day. I hope they brought a little smile to your face. 😉


I’ll catch you all later!


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