10 Types of People That Beauty Store Employees Can’t Stand

Do you work in the world of retail and know about the different people that come in and make every day a struggle? And how the same people will drive you crazy with behaviors that should never ever, ever, EVER, enter a beauty store?

Whether you do work in a environment like that or not, this is something you should read.

Let’s get into it.


Number #1

The “I’m going to apply makeup with infected brushes” People.

While there’s nothing wrong with testing makeup, which is definitely encouraged in the beauty industry, there are some real problems that can arise. Sometimes I will notice individuals grabbing makeup brushes that are on display, and then start putting on makeup with them right away. Ladies and gents, have you heard of a cool thing that we like to call BACTERIA? Guess what! That stuff is all over the brush that you just picked up. You know why? Because there are more people just like you that have probably been all over it beforehand. Not only did you make a huge mistake by not requesting us to clean it for you (which isn’t a problem for us, that’s our job), but you just rubbed all that nastiness on your face and invited a potential breakout to come hang out on your skin. Please don’t do this to yourself.



Number #2

The “I need samples right now!” People.

I understand why samples are a desirable thing. I also understand that there are stores that just simply can’t give you those (or sometimes only a limited amount). It appears that some of you don’t have the same understanding. So when I hear you angrily say any of these sentences to me:

“But how do I know if I want to buy it unless you give me a sample?!?!”

“But this *other store* gives me samples. Why can’t you?!?!”

“If you don’t give me a sample of this item, then I won’t buy it.”

All you are doing is complaining about something we have already established that you can’t have. My reply will always be a polite explanation of why you can’t get a sample, apologize for the earth-shattering inconvenience, and let you go on your grumpy way.

Some of you will leave me alone after all that, and some of you will keep nagging.




Number #3

The “I need you to read my mind and also know everything” People.

I’m pretty sure last time I checked, that not all humans have the ability to figure out every single thing that a customer needs without proper communication. If someone walks in and suddenly expects me to answer every single question about 4,554985749,4385634 types of hair dryers, or stares blankly as if they are waiting for me to spit out a well executed summary of whatever else they want, then they are going to be disappointed. Trust me, I try my hardest to learn about all kinds of products and services so I can help, but sometimes I need to ask another associate.

Or sometimes I just need to get you out of my face, because you are making my anxiety go through the heckin’ roof.


Number #4

The “I don’t know how to tip / I don’t want to tip” People.

This really shouldn’t need much of an explanation. I’m sorry to inform you of the obvious, but tipping is absolutely important and extremely necessary. If our country was smart and started paying people a fair wage for their jobs (the ones that normally involve tipping), then this wouldn’t be a big deal, but right now it is. People that provide beauty services aren’t usually making loads of money unless they are famous or have been in their field of work for ages. Stop thinking that you can just leave without providing compensation.

FYI, a rule of thumb in the beauty industry is to tip up to 20% of the total bill.

Or check out this POPSUGAR article for more helpful tips on tipping. Haha… puns.


Number #5

The “Can you match my face to a foundation without putting it on?” People.

No. No I cannot. At least, not very accurately.

All I can do is hold bottles up to your face and make “hmmmmmm” sounds until I feel somewhat sure of myself. You’ll probably go home, try it on, hate the color, return it, and then you will blame me for not finding the correct color in the beginning. Actually, if you try to make me do this, I will try resisting with all of my might and attempt to make you learn the hard way on your own. You should let us do a foundation shade match the right way, or not at all.

And stop wearing the wrong shade just because you gave up, that will never look good either.


Number #6 

The “What do mean you can’t accept my coupon?!?!” People.

This happens dozens of times, literally every single day. Every once and a while there will be some quality humans that just shrug it off and let it go, but there’s also major grumps that will whine about it while you stand there waiting for them to shut up. If you have questions or concerns about your coupon, for heck’s sake, can you just ask us nicely about it? Or, here’s another idea: Read the FINE PRINT. You know, that thing at the bottom which tells you all of the important things about using your coupon that we end up telling you anyway?


Number #7

The “I’m going to call or come into the store and ask you to find something I can’t even describe” People.


If you need help finding a specific item, then wouldn’t it be smart if you knew more specifics about it? I’m sorry if you don’t remember, but that won’t do us any good either. I also love when we try bringing you to brands/items that sound somewhat similar, and all we hear is…


“How about this one?”


“Or this?”


Repeat 551304519332085151485680146510804 times.


Number #8

The “I’m gonna accidentally trash the store but not tell anyone, sssshhhh” People.

Do you even understand how ignorant this is?

If you spill, crush, or smash anything in the store, please oh please do not just tiptoe away like nothing ever happened. I know it doesn’t feel great when you knock something over everywhere, but it doesn’t make us feel great when we find an unexplained mess of powdery eyeshadow all over the place, or a bottle of smelly perfume spilled on the floor. Nobody’s perfect and we all have “oops” moments, which need to be mentioned so they can be cleaned up. Help us to prevent additional accidents, and keep things clean.


Number #9

The “Why don’t you have the item I want? You never have anything!” People.

Stores are not magical fairylands where products just grow on shelves, and people just go in the back and grab whatever your heart desires. In reality, people have to drive back and forth between a warehouse to deliver us things, and sometimes we just don’t have what you’re looking for. There can be quite a few reasons. It’s never our fault, and it’s not the store’s fault either. You are being cranky and impatient about something that is out of our control. Also, if you are going into a desperate panic about a beauty product being out of stock, I would question yourself about what is truly important in life.


Number #10

The “I’m going to call the store and also pull on your doors when you’re not open” People.

Just a heads up, we have signs directly in front of your face that tell you when we are open and closed. I guess you could care less, because the loud pulling on our door handles makes me think that you expect us to be unlocked right when you show up.

Stop calling too, we won’t answer until (dun dun dun) we’re open.


That’s all guys.

See you at work. 😉

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