Root Vegan Restaurant | My Review

Hey guys!

Ever since I went vegan, I had the desire to try a restaurant that serves up only vegan food. When I found out that a vegan restaurant was opening nearby, I immediately added it to my visit list. Last week I had the opportunity to finally stop by, and now I am ready to share my full review on the experience.

A few things I want to disclose before the review:

I found out when I had gotten home the same evening after my visit that the restaurant had apparently been a part of a controversy involving racism. An employee shared racist memes (there was clear evidence) over social media, and the backlash was so bad that the restaurant’s Facebook page was taken down. However, you can still find the business on Yelp and leave reviews there if you are so inclined.

It is unfortunate to have found out about unsettling events after I already had spent my time and money there, but I do not want that to impact my honest review of my own experience beforehand. I want my reviews to reflect on the quality of my service and the food served.

I hope you enjoy!


Upon entering there was a sign that directed us to seat ourselves wherever we would like. There weren’t that many people inside, since we got there just a short time after they opened for the day at 4pm. Just a few people at the bar, and some guys at a table. It looked like they already had been served their food, or would be getting it shortly.

FullSizeRender (2)

The inside was pretty cool, with industrial lighting throughout, and a lot of awesome exposed brick walls.

FullSizeRender (4)
The bar area


There were two men working in the kitchen, and two women at the bar that day. It was pretty quiet, but that’s nice to have when you are trying a place for the first time.

FullSizeRender (6)
The kitchen



The menu had an impressive variety of food, and I was happy to notice that they have daily food specials!

We didn’t really like that it took almost ten minutes for someone to take our food order after we had gotten our menus and drinks. There wasn’t even that many people inside, so there was no need for the wait. Huge thumbs down for that.

FullSizeRender (1)

Since we went on a Tuesday, we ordered their wing special. The wings we got were mild, with a side of both celery and carrots, and the ranch dipping sauce. These were really good, and I enjoyed the ranch sauce equally. The wings were made out of wheat gluten, which is also known as Seitan. They were surprisingly close to regular boneless chicken wings.

My next recipe might be my own attempt at re-creating these and cooking with Seitan for the first time. I liked them that much!

Josh’s comments: “I was surprised that I liked these. They were crispy, and the texture on the inside didn’t bother me like most fake meat does. The flavor of the sauce they used was good too.”

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This was Josh’s main course, I had quite a few bites of it, and my favorite part was the zuchinni on the side. It was seasoned and cooked perfectly. I will let you have Josh’s own comments, since it was his own meal 🙂

Josh: “This was okay. I feel like we could have made a better version of this at home. If I went back I wouldn’t get this again, I’d try something different. The curry sauce was good, but too watery and not thick enough. The zuchinni was also the best part of the whole dish for me.”

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


It took a while for me to decide on what I wanted, but I finally chose their version of a Big Mac, which they call the Big Mic. The “meat” was made out Seitan, there was cheese inside, and it came with a side of fries. I LOVED this meal. The fries were sooooo delicious and reminded me of Five Guy’s fries. The burger was yummy too, and the cheese tasted pretty real. The only complaint I have with this dish is the burger itself, which was just chunks of seitan inside a bun. It wasn’t formed into a patty, and chunks fell out as I was trying to eat. Other than that, I was very satisfied.

Josh’s comments: “I don’t remember how the burger tasted, so I guess I wasn’t impressed. The fries however, were AMAZING.”

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

To finish off our evening, we shared a piece of blueberry and black raspberry cake with strawberry icing. It didn’t have the texture of actual cake, and it reminded us more of a crumbly pie type dessert. We both thought it was yummy!

FullSizeRender (7)


Our total at the end of the night was also surprisingly lower than what we were expecting. We almost thought that our server had made a mistake when she gave us our bill. She informed us that we had received a special on our main courses as well as with the wings we ordered. What an awesome surprise!

My final star rating: ★★★

Josh’s final star rating: ★★★


Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this review!


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