Closet Downsizing + My Tips on Minimalism

1948. Jackie French Koller. “There are two ways to be rich: One is by acquiring much, and the other is by desiring little.”

When I was around the age of 15-18, I would jump at the chance to take a trip to the mall or go somewhere else that you would typically want to dish out money. I always had an itch to spend money that I earned from doing odd jobs/chores. During those years I owned quite a lot of things. A full wardrobe of clothes, an overwhelming amount of shoes, a wide assortment of cosmetics, a lot of magazines, an ever growing glass bottle collection, tons of art supplies, bedroom decor, various pieces of furniture, and the list goes on.

I never noticed how much stuff I had acquired until it was time to move out and live in the big wide world by myself. This meant I had to answer the fun questions like, “what are you taking with you?”, “can we throw these out?”, and “when are you going to pick this up?”

The only items I could bring with me were some clothes and shoes, and the rest was shoved into a corner until I was able to find a place with room for everything. Once my boyfriend and I found an apartment, I came to realize how much of a problem my excess of things would be. Sharing limited space with someone makes you put things into perspective and look at the bigger picture. These are some of the issues we faced when my boyfriend and I moved in (mostly in relation to my own belongings):

  • my stuff constantly overlapping/piling up in my boyfriend’s designated spaces.
  • having too many dishes inside our cupboards for just two people, resulting in a lot of dirty dishes all at once.
  • not being able to find suitable room for all of our clothes to be stored, because my own collection is overcrowding his
  • surfaces getting messy and disorganized quickly because there are just too many things put in just one area.

If you’re connected with me on social media, you may have seen me reference a YouTube video that inspired me to go in a more minimalistic direction. It became a big focus of mine, and I made it one of my top goals for this year. I want to live in a manner that makes my life easier and puts my mind at ease. There is no reason in my mind to be a slave to materialism, indulge in overspending, or live with a high number of possessions.

A few days ago I finished cleaning out my side of the closet, and I will show you the before and after photos!


A work in progress


My closet is now the lightest it has ever been. Everything inside has a spot, and nothing is out of place or getting piled up. It sure feels pretty refreshing. On the top shelf of the closet is a white storage tote which contains all the clothes that have to be put away seasonally. The side to the right has less than 10 pieces of clothing neatly hung up, and the rest are inside the chest of drawers. I will be getting rid of:

  • over 30 articles of clothing.
  • 5 or more pairs of shoes.
  • 3 makeup bags.
  • perfume.
  • makeup.
  • loads of accessories.

How did I get rid of all this stuff? You may be wondering, so I want to share with you all how I narrowed everything down.

How to downsize a space in 10 easy steps

  1. Make sure all of the items in your space are organized to your liking. Dishes and cooking tools, clothes and shoes, supplies, etc.
  2. Go about your day as you would normally, and wait until one week goes by.
  3. At the end of the week, assess your space and figure out what you haven’t been using or what needs to be done to make that area more accessible or easier to navigate.
  4. Start removing things and set them aside to be donated, sold, or handed down to someone.
  5. Try not to think about the whole process too much, because dwelling on it may tempt you to continue keeping things.
  6. Organize the remaining things that you are keeping after you have removed the unnecessary items.
  7. Store the unneeded items inside boxes or bags and keep them sealed or shut so you can’t see what’s inside. Avoid more urges to save things!
  8. Schedule time to remove the items from your space and do not wait around to get rid of anything. If it’s still there, it’s still there!
  9. Wait until you have used something until it is finished or worn out before purchasing another to take its place.
  10. Budget your money wisely so you know what you need to pay for, and try to keep your expenses down to the essentials. This helps me a lot!


I hope these tips help and my progress has inspired you to keep your life minimal as well!


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