My Makeup Vanity + A Vegan Beauty Box?!

I didn’t own a lot of makeup when I was younger. My “collection” was always a simple layout of what I considered essentials for a full face of makeup. Mascara, eyeliner, foundation, a few eyeshadow shades, and a couple of fun lipsticks or glosses. Around the age of 15-16 is when I started to step it up a notch. I became obsessed with different makeup brands, makeup artists, reading InStyle magazine, trying makeup on at Sephora, and even dabbling in making my own lipstick at home. While we are on the subject of my younger years, how about a photo of me at age 16? (I think that’s how old I was, but I can’t tell)


Gotta love the smudgy raccoon eyeliner and horrible digital camera quality.

Let’s fast forward to my humble collection of makeup now…

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

This is my current storage situation for all of my beauty products. The vanity was handed down to us from my boyfriend’s parents, and it used to be in our bathroom. One day I was moving things around and decided it would be cute for my suddenly growing makeup stash. (Thanks ULTA world!) I also added some white and blue contact paper from Target to spice up the shelves. I have a few NYX and Urban Decay palettes, a bunch of new makeup brushes I got from Amazon, and most of my sprays and bottled products tucked away in the pastel box on the bottom shelf. It suits me well so far, and I like the way everything looks. I’m thinking I should do another post in the future on how I keep my belongings organized.

I’m sure you were waiting for the second half of this post.

Last night while doing a google search I discovered a company called Petit Vour (pehtee-vohr) that offers a beauty box subscription for completely vegan products!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know about you, but that is something truly worth rejoicing about. I fully intend on subscribing so I can expand my knowledge of different brands and things I’ve never used before. I am so glad I found this company!

You can read more about them here.

What I’m listening to

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