Mini LUSH Haul + We Got Our Christmas Tree

Wednesday, Part I

A little bit of backstory first*

*My first visit to the LUSH store in my area left me very unimpressed and a little bit bothered by one of the employees, who seemed to be nice but also overly proud about the entire store in general. Today I decided to give it another shot, since I noticed that particular employee was not there and it was not as cramped with guests.

My second visit to LUSH went so much better than the first. I wish I had gotten the names of the two lovely ladies who helped me try a bunch of amazing products and suggested different scrubs and masks for my skin. I was so happy when the one girl started preparing samples for me, and I never even asked!

“Would you like to sit down and try some of these?”


I sat down inside of the store and tested out several different scrubs on my hands and arms, had a coffee mask applied to my face, and smelled all sorts of wonderful things. Not only were all my questions answered, but I was given suggestions based on my own skin and its specific needs. I hope I can afford to go back soon. The biggest downside is cost. Everything is EXPENSIVE.

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A full size pot of Buche De Noel. This stuff is vegan and contains ground almonds, kaolin, fresh mandarin, dried cranberries, fair Trade organic cocoa butter, brandy , almond essential oil, vetivert oil, cedarwood oil, and nori seaweed

I can’t wait to try it!

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My samples! I was told these can last up to 4 or 5 uses. Not too shabby. From the left: Mask of Magnaminty, Herbalism face & body cleanser, and Cup O’ Coffee mask.

I am excited to use all of these goodies and see what kind of difference they make on my skin. 🙂


Wednesday, Part II

It was a nice day to get our Christmas tree! We stopped at a local family owned tree farm and got to see a bunch of free kittens as well. Sadly, I didn’t get a picture of the kitties, but there’s always a chance we could go visit again. There was an adorable grey kitten that we wanted to take home so bad, but we aren’t ready for a new fur baby just yet.

It’s so cute! (the tree and my man dragging it)

I hope that we will be able to get a bigger tree next year, and that we will also find our first kitten to share Christmas with.

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